My COVID-19 Journey

During the time of the pandemic and my personal loss of my father, Izack Alkalay, from it, I used the camera to express myself and my feelings. In a way, this exhibit created itself –  after being fully vaccinated I looked through my camera files and thought that these photos reflect a story that I would like to share. I’m sure that many people can relate to these visuals and see their own personal stories and experiences throughout this period of time reflected. I believe that the experience made us stronger and more resilient and we can leverage this force to change many things in our world. At this exhibition the viewer can get a glancing view of my camera roll, representing a peek at my personal diary.

Photos from the exhibit opening at the Hess Gallery

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The November issue of Artscope includes a story about the exhibition, “Quarantine, Grief, Regrowth” Check out the story here.